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Hi! And welcome to my 1959 Willys Jeep FC-170 Project page.
(This Truck is the same age as me!) I hope to provide, on a
regular basis,
updates as the work and improvements continue.

I saw my first Jeep FC when I was a kid.  I can't remember if it was
a 150 or 170 but what I do remember is that it was the coolest
thing I had ever seen. It was with a military truck that had been
converted to a fire truck, as had the Jeep FC.  It was not a
"typical" fire truck but was painted red with the name of the
community fire department on it. It had some tools, rolled up
hose, etc., in the back. It was then that my dad explained to me
that both vehicles were four-wheel-drive and at that moment I
was forever hooked on 4WD vehicles. I went home, popped off
the axles of my little Tonka "Cab-over" pickup and put a fat
rubber band around each axle and then put them back on the toy
truck for my first 4WD vehicle ever! And of course, ever since
then, I have always dreamed of owning a Jeep FC pickup.

ON February 25, 2012, that dream became a reality! After deciding
to seriously search for one to buy (I had always toyed with the
idea) I found this one on
The FC Connection website under
trucks for sale.  It was located in Dodge City, KS which is only
about 61/2 hours from Lubbock, TX, where I live. And it helped
that my wife's best friend from Lubbock had moved to Dodge
City, KS!

So, to follow my progress, keep checking in! Thanks!
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